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North Star News! - 08-31-18

posted Aug 31, 2018, 4:18 PM by Diana Bisante

Good Evening Robert Little Families!

The classrooms are ready, lesson plans are done!  Hallways are shiny and teachers are pumped! We are looking forward to a great September!

Class Lists are Up and Out

Families will need their children’s Ontario Education Number which is located on the Report Card to see which class your child is in on Tuesday morning.  Can’t find the number? No worries! Staff will be out at 9:10 on Tuesday morning and we can help your child find the right teacher and line-up!

Our First Assembly of the year will be at 11:35 in our Gym.  Families are welcome to attend!

Pizza and Milk

Cash Online is open for Pizza and Milk orders.  Please note that we would like to start our program early this year, so get online and sign up for your Food Order today!  

We are grateful to all the exiting School Council members who worked (volunteered!!) over the summer to ensure this Fundraiser was ready to go!

Lead in Summer Water Testing

Over the summer the water was tested at Robert Little, and we did not pass the standing water test. We know the letter sent home earlier this week may have caused concern and worry.

What does this mean?  It means that if water is sitting the the pipes for a long period of time the water can be affected by the lead in the water pipes.

How is the Halton Board addressing this concern?  Our Custodial staff will flush all the drinking water pipes each morning for 5 minutes.  This will allow any water that was in the pipe to flush out, leaving new water in the pipe. We are confident the efforts we are making, which are compliant with the standards for water testing, will ensure our water will not contain lead.

If you have any concerns please contact for answers.  

Technology at School

Students are reminded to keep personal technology at home.  We have a wide range of technology for student use. Students do not have a secure location to lock up anything of value, and technology is not permitted outside at break. There may be times when a classroom teacher may allow devices to be brought to school for a specific activity.  Please be reminded that this is never expected, only an optional request. We are not able to secure these devices and will not carry the responsibility if the device is lost or damaged.

We ask you have a conversation with your child at home to ensure tablets, phones and gaming devices are not brought to school.  Please be assured that if a child needs to contact parents during the day they are welcome to come to the office and request to call home. As well, if parents need to connect with their child please call the office and we will get urgent messages to your child. Thank you all for your support.

In Partnership,

Colleen Golightly

Trevor Dykstra

and the Staff of Robert Little

Be Kind, Do your Best, Make a Difference!