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North Star News ~ October 18th, 2019

posted Oct 18, 2019, 1:33 PM by Diana Bisante

Good Evening Robert Little Families!

(Please read to the bottom of this email for important messages and attachments)

The fall colours are at their best, though it is getting pretty cold!  A reminder to families to send their children in layers. Mornings can be quite cool, and afternoons much warmer.  Which leads us to ...Lost and Found! If your child is missing a sweater, jacket, boots or pants...remind them to visit our overflowing Lost and Found!  


Federal Elections


Robert Little is a polling station on Monday September 21st for our Federal Election.  The majority of voters will use our gym entrance and will not have access to the student areas of the school building.  For our voting community members with mobility difference, we will buzz these voters in through our main doors and escort them to the gym.  


Be sure to exercise your demoncratic right to vote on Monday (unless you have already in an advanced pole!) This is a great opportunity to bring your children with you and get them interested in our democtatic political rights! 


Name our Gnome!


Our students are voting on Monday as well!  Our new Gnome is ready for a name! Our Grade Five students have been polling our students, compiling ideas and the great vote will happen on Monday!  What will his name be? Little Robert? Gimli? Gary?....results will be posted next week!


Great Big Crunch


We will partaking in the Great Big Crunch on Thursday, October 24th. All Robert Little students in all classes will receive an apple so they can take a bite into their apple at the same time to hear a great big crunch! Students will be participating in activities and watching videos in their class leading up to the big moment. Be sure to ask your child about the Great Big Crunch after Thursday!


Halloween at Robert Little 


Historically Robert Little pulls out all the stops for Halloween!  As in past years we will have a full school Halloween Parade on October 31st at 9:30 AM.  Parents are welcome to come, line the halls and attend our Halloween Assembly.  Students (and adults!) are welcome to wear a costume or orange and black for the first block of the day.  Students will be asked to change back into their regular clothes for the remainder of the day. Students are asked not to wear the mask for their costume or bring any weapon accessories, as well, please no blood or gore.  This is an inclusive Halloween Parade and we have some children as young as 3 years old. Please consider this when dressing your child for school. We don’t want to be party poopers, but we also want everyone to have a good time!


Halloween is a time when families often ask to bring treats into the school for sharing.  Please do not bring any sweets or treats for sharing to the school, we will have to turn you away. Number One, the children will have tons of treats in a few short hours when they go out trick or treating.  Number Two (and most important) there are many families with dietary restrictions and allergies. We have a responsibility to ensure all children are safe from allergens and not given food that could compromise their families wishes.  


Save your candy and treats for handing out at night...we hear Acton Halloween Nights are very busy!  


Not Celebrating Halloween? 


If your family chooses not to participate in the events surrounding Halloween, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know in advance.  We will have a separate area in the school where any child who wishes not to participate due to personal choice, faith or specific needs can spend the first block of the day.  These children will be actively learning with an educator and will return to class after the costumes have been taken off for the day. 


Please be sure to let homeroom teachers know this week so we can plan age appropriate activities. 


School Fundraiser


Thank you to all our families who have supported our school in our first Fundraiser of the year.  If you have a few orders still to bring in please ensure they are here, in our office by Monday October 21st, end of day.


In Partnership,

Colleen Golightly

Trevor Dykstra

and the Staff of Robert Little

Be Kind, Do your Best, Make a Difference! 


Upcoming Important Dates (Also on ROL Web Calendar)

21st Federal Election at Robert Little 

21st Name the Gnome Election for our students! 

21, 22, 24th Grade 4 CCAT Testing 

24th BIG Crunch!

25th Wear your Red/Blue or Spirit Wear!

28th WE assembly @ 11:45

29th Photo Retake Day! 

31st Halloween Parade @ 9:30 


From the Athletic Department: 


We are excited to announce the start of our very first  Athletic Council! Our athletic council is a team of 8 hand-selected Grade 4 and 5 students, A Parent Volunteer, School Health Nurse, Admin, and Mrs. Marinelli and Mlle. Eastwood. As a team, we will be striking to receive our Healthy Schools Certificate through OPHEA. We will be focusing on Physical Activity goals, and we can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned for more information!! 


Mlle. Eastwood 


A Message from Your Student Council


Dear Families,

Once again this year we are hosting a raffle fundraiser just in time for the holiday season. You can purchase tickets for $20 each for a raffle of Holiday baskets full of all types of donated goodies. All funds generated will benefit Robert Little Public School.

We are asking families who are willing and able, to send in new or unused items that align with their classroom's theme, to donate towards this raffle. Donations will be accepted between October 22nd to November 15th.

Holiday baskets will be available for you to see in our front foyer during our Student-Led Interviews in late November. More details will follow at a later date.

Thank you for your generosity.