Our Staff

Our Staff 2022-2023


Ms. Shannon Green


Mme. Melissa Johnson

Senior Administrative Assistant  

Mrs. Diana Bisante

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Mary Viduka 

Kindergarten K1

Mrs Neal, Mrs. Dos Santos

Kindergarten K2

Ms. Mattocks, Ms. Brownlee

Kindergarten K3

Ms. Paul, Ms. Copeland

Grade 1 - Class 1-1

Ms. Chadwick

Grade 1 and 2 - Class 12-1

Ms. Thomson

Grade 2 - Class 2-1

Ms. Clark

Grade 2 French Immersion - Class 2-1FI

Mme. McNamara

Grade 3  - Class 3-1

Ms. Tennant

Grade 3 and 4 -  Class 3/4-1

Ms. Wooder

Grade 3 and 4 French Immersion -  Class 3/4-1 FI

M. Cristiano, Mr. Cousineau (English Grade 4)

Grade 4 and 5- Class 4/5-1

Ms. Binstock

Grade 4 and 5 French Immersion - Class  4/5-1FI

Mr. Ottaway (English), Mme. Parnell  (French)

Grade 5 and 6 - Class 5/6-1

Mr. Christie

Grade 5 and 6 French Immersion - Class 5/6-1FI

Mme. Parnell (French), Mr. Ottaway (English)

LD Class - Class LD-1J

Ms. Abell


Ms. Vidak

Core French 

Mlle. Morden

Special Education Resource Teachers

Mrs. Ottaway and Mrs. Airdrie

Teacher Librarian, Library Technician

Ms. Debowy

Coverage Teachers

Mr. Cousineau, Ms. Vidak 

Educational Assistants

Mss. Clapham, Mss. Fudger, Ms. Green,  Ms. Jackson, Ms. McKellar, Ms. Service,

Child and Youth Counsellor

Ms. Krozier

Head Custodian

Ms. Diegel

Evening Custodian

Mr. Ward