School Council

School councils play an important role in student success. At Robert Little an involved Adult Community is essential to supporting a thriving Elementary School. Our School Council meets 6 times per year to discuss current school progress, plan Family Engagement events and support our school. Families are welcome to attend any meeting, regardless if you wish to be an executive member. Current information is shared and you have a direct opportunity to hear from the school administration. The current council dates for the 2021 and 2022 School year are as follows:

November 22

January 10

March 7

May 9

2021-2022 Council Members:

Chair - Bonnie Brake

Vice Chair - Stephanie Hunt

Treasurer - Lional Chuffart

Secretary - Adrianne Starr

Teacher Rep - Jen Gadzala

YMCA Representative - Darota Magiera

Voting Members:

Adrianne Starr

September 2019 Council Minutes
January 2020
November 2019
November 2020 Minutes.docx
January 2021 Minutes.docx
October Meeting Minutes - ROL Parent Council.pdf
January 2022 Meeting Minutes - ROL Parent Council.pdf
March Meeting Minutes - ROL Parent Council.pdf